Overseas Nursing

This programme is no longer running. For general information on mentoring, please visit our Mentors page.

Welcome to the online mentor website. It is designed to provide all mentors of overseas nurses with additional avenues of support, especially with regard to supervision in practice.

This website includes all the information that is needed to help you support and advise overseas nurses in the placement setting.

If there is any information that you think would be useful to add to this website then please contact Frances Weeley, Director of Health and Social Care Practice: frances.weeley@anglia.ac.uk.

Reporting sickness and absence
It is your responsibility as a mentor to inform Anglia Ruskin University of an overseas learner's sickness or absence and to ensure this is recorded and signed on the learner's timesheet.

The University has a duty to inform the professional body of the exact hours overseas learners have experienced in the clinical area and it is therefore important that accurate records are kept.

Please inform Karen Sykes, Module Leader, of a learner's absence: karen.sykes@anglia.ac.uk.

NMC information on overseas regulation

Information to support practice portfolio

Practice portfolio