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YoYo Let’s Go Ltd

Twitter Handle @yoyoletsgoco

YoYo Let's Go Ltd is a Cambridgeshire start-up, developing exciting mobile app experiences for families visiting UK cities. Lorraine Turner is originally from a business analysis and project management background in financial services' software design and implementation. Her career direction changed after having children: Lorraine studied creative writing and wrote three novels under writing mentorships. Lorraine has also worked in schools, teaching languages and literacy skills to primary age children. She founded YoYo Let's Go! in 2016, developing the app prototype for Cambridge.

Altogame logo


Twitter handle @Altogame

Altogame's virtual 3D platform transforms the way people innovate, collaborate and learn. It breaks down barriers, fades out hierarchy and bias providing a level playing field for creative problem solving and learning. Altogame's current offering includes scenarios for brainstorming, for boosting agile/lean transformations, and for improving human interactions (eg in healthcare, leadership development or customer service) through role-play training simulations. Altogame's unique set of features is enabled by the in-house competencies in modern game technology and science based behavioural design.

TestBoard logo

Cambridge Data

Twitter handle @testboarddata

Testboard improves productivity for data scientists and analysts; a growing profession with rudimentary productivity tools. It tracks analyses through organisations; from the posing of questions and hypotheses, through the analysis and subsequent actions or tests results. The full brief, scope, analysis and results are archived and provide a useful resource for incoming analysts. The tool provides an instant snapshot of the stage of each analysis and the speed with which the team is executing full analyses.

Nolojy logo

Nolojy Ltd

Twitter handle @NolojyLtd

Alexis Mather is the Founder and Chief Bottlewashing Officer of Nolojy, a company started to help organisations get the most out of their people’s knowledge. Alexis studied Artificial Intelligence (before it was fashionable!) at the University of Sussex and fell in love with computer graphics while studying; he went on to spend 20 years in the semiconductor business, with a focus on 3D graphics and media processing.

In his various product, technology and business strategy roles (including Director of Strategic Planning Technology at ARM), Alexis felt that a real opportunity was being missed regarding the ‘knowledge’ part of the knowledge economy. Alexis founded Nolojy to address this, and it keeps him extremely busy. Reading, tinkering, attending lectures and dog-walking fill the remainder of his time. Alexis can be reached at and on Twitter @NolojyLtd