Centre for Pluralist Economics (CPE)

CPE engages in debates about current issues and challenges facing the field of economics through a team of leading researchers from the Department of Economics and International Business.

We examine the economics of equality and diversity in labour markets, migration, moral and political philosophy, development, innovation and diffusion. We participate in debates between contrasting theoretical perspectives and opposed economic policies. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we improve the effective development of theory and its application.


  1. To contribute to debates about current issues and challenges facing the discipline of economics through an interdisciplinary approach.
  2. To influence policy decision-making by examining a wide range of decisions, alternatives and their implications.
  3. To value critical openness to different perspectives, theories and methods, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  4. To emphasise a preference for diversity and willingness to learn over uniformity.
  5. To reshape classroom practice by promoting pluralism in economics education.

Current projects

Our current research projects are structured around the following themes.

  • Discrimination and exploitation in labour markets (Dr Nick Drydakis, Dr Vangelis Chiotis, Dr Peter MacDonald, Dr Anna Paraskevopoulou, Dr Katerina Sidiropoulou)
  • Ethics, theories of justice and justice systems (Dr Katerina Sidiropoulou, Dr Vangelis Chiotis)
  • Migration, trafficking, modern slavery and labour (Dr Anna Paraskevopoulou, Dr Nick Drydakis, Dr Katerina Sidiropoulou)
  • Evaluation of economics curricula (Dr Imko Meyenburg, Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Vangelis Chiotis, Dr Nick Drydakis, Dr Peter MacDonald, Dr Sandra Selmanovic)
  • Pluralist economics, philosophy of economics and schools of economic thoughts (Dr Imko Meyenburg, Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Craig Duckworth, Dr Nick Drydakis)
  • Development economics (Dr Sandra Selmanovic, Dr Nick Drydakis, Prof Emanuele Giovannetti)
  • Industrial organisation and innovation economics (Prof Emanuele Giovannetti, Dr Sandra Selmanovic)
  • Public policy, and the politics of organisations (Dr Rob Willis, Dr Swetketu Patnaik)
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships (Dr Swetketu Patnaik)
  • International business (Prof Antonella Zucchella, Dr Swetketu Patnaik, Dr Sandra Selmanovic)

CPE team

For more information on the centre, please contact Dr Nick Drydakis (nick.drydakis@anglia.ac.uk).