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Cambridge Half Marathon

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5 January 2018

Training in the winter months is always tricky, due to the freezing cold temperatures and the lack of motivation to go out and run in the cold. But thinking back to my hip injury last year forces me out the door. Read more…

4 January 2018

Keeping up my training for the Cambridge Half Marathon over the Christmas period was hard, but I’m glad to say that I managed to stay on track. Read more…

11 December 2017

I’ve always been a good runner, I was lucky that throughout secondary school I could come first in our intra-school cross-country runs without the training. But could I attempt the Cambridge Half Marathon without preparation? Read more…

30 November 2017

My palms are sweaty, my legs are like jelly and my bottom lip is trembling. After I finally manage to regain some composure and spit out the words that I need to, it then dawns on me what I’ve actually done. Read more…

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