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Join students from across our University for a behind-the-scenes look at life at Anglia Ruskin. Find out what they do on a daily basis, what they’re inspired by in class, the challenges they face and what they get up to outside of teaching hours.

Share in their journey from the first few days in a new course to graduation!

I've been so privileged to work alongside such passionate mentors in practice and such amazing role models at university, and it's with the help of these amazing teachers that I've come so far
- Sophie, BSc (Hons) Midwifery  
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23 December 2016

On a sunny winter’s day in the borough of Brent, a paramedic and myself set about our shift in one of the service’s new Tiguan Fast Response Units (FRU). It was put through its paces as we responded to multiple general broadcasts (GB) throughout the day… Read more…

29 November 2016

The second week of placement has seen me and my crew recover from night shifts and move into three 12-hour day shifts. Adjusting your sleeping pattern between days and nights can be a struggle at times and it’s certainly a skill that takes time to master. Read more…

24 November 2016

Our first night shift presented two critically ill patients where we ‘blued’ them in to the nearest A&E, including a young child with severe croup and an exacerbation of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Due to the massive pressure on the ambulance service… Read more…

18 November 2016

Second year of Paramedic Science has been exciting and tough to say the least; we have just completed all of our advanced clinical skills in the run-up to placement. Some of the skills we’ve learnt are Needle Chest Decompression, Needle Cricothyroidotomy, Intubation, IV Cannulation, EZ-IO… Read more…

16 November 2016

I have worked at both Open Days in October and November and it was great to meet so many people interested in studying Paramedic Science. I even met a few students that have been reading these blogs… Read more…

20 October 2016

Summer is over, I’ve moved to back to Chelmsford into my new rented house and Year 2 has begun! It was amazing to have some time off; spending time with family and friends has distracted me away from the sirens and green uniform for a while which has been nice. Read more…

12 July 2016

The 10th and final week of placement has dawned upon me. First year of university has been eye opening and I truly can’t describe in full how great of an experience it has been… Read more…

5 July 2016

I recently attended to a lady who had fallen on the floor in her flat. She had many disabilities and healthcare needs, but thankfully she was not injured and in good spirits. My observation taking revealed Blood Glucose of 3… Read more…

27 June 2016

In the past three shifts I have placed five blue calls; it’s been a busy week but all the same rewarding. Two of the blue calls were for severe sepsis, one being a mental capacity issue. This elderly male was very reluctant to go to hospital, despite his observations being through the floor… Read more…

20 June 2016

I am now almost half way through my second placement block and so far I have completed seven shifts and, wow, have they been eventful at times! Read more…

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