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9 March 2018

Ok let’s not pretend, in an ideal world I would’ve left college back in 2001 and begun my nurse training there and then. Let’s face it, it would have been far less complicated. Read more…

9 March 2018

Choosing a degree course was daunting and I carried out lots of research to see which course would suit me. I knew I wanted to come to university to open my own nursery later on in life or become a primary school teacher, so that was a start...! Read more…

9 March 2018

Hello all! My name is Kira and I am an adult nursing student at ARU. I live in Chelmsford and I am heavily involved with the University as a student ambassador and now a digital ambassador for our Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education. Read more…

9 March 2018

When I came to the end of school, I still was not sure what career I wanted to pursue. However, I had always wanted a career that was rewarding and enabled me to make a difference to other people’s lives. Read more…

8 March 2018

Social policy is a course which opens doors to a wide variety of sectors. This could include career pathways such as third sector (charity) organisations, teacher, housing adviser, social worker, youth worker, probation officer, working for the NHS, or being a community advocate. Read more…

8 February 2018

I went to both an Open Day and an Applicant Day at ARU. The University wasn’t my first choice until after attending both. I’ll tell you why. Read more…

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