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Our research blog is produced by ARU's Research and Innovation Development Office (RIDO). We highlight the latest research funding opportunities and news, internal funding and training opportunities, as well as Anglia Ruskin’s annual research conference. The blog also contains information about successful research projects at our University.

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29 March 2018

Innovate UK are priming researchers and companies for future Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund opportunities. £300 million will be spent on supporting the ageing population. Read more…

28 March 2018

Our colleagues at the United Kingdom Research Office have compiled a set of upcoming deadlines for EU funding calls in Horizon 2020. We hope ARU researchers from all faculties will use those calls highlighted below for inspiration in planning their next bid for funding. Read more…

28 February 2018

Recently, I blogged about the need to have broad horizons and to look widely for your funding opportunities, including at government departments. This blog included a link to one Government department and their recently published research priorities. Read more…


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