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Faculty: Lord Ashcroft International Business School
Department: Human resources
Category: Business

17 August 2018

Ahmed Elmnroti

I joined Anglia Ruskin through Clearing in 2017, and I'm now in the second year of a Business Management degree in Cambridge. Here's my story.

After my A-levels I decided to enter the world of work and build my experience. However, I came to realise, not only do we need work experience, we also need a degree to open more doors in life and also have the opportunity to meet new friends and most importantly to enjoy my young life!

Despite making this exciting decision, I wanted to choose the right course for my career and most importantly study at the right university, where I would find great social life and a high education level.

I had less than two weeks to apply before starting, so you can imagine the stress! I began contacting universities for a business management course, and couldn’t be convinced enough by any of them. Until I came across Anglia Ruskin. I contacted a few students and they especially loved the location in one of the most exciting cities in the UK: Cambridge.

I continued looking through the University's website and was especially excited about the sports membership they provide, and also helping you build your own business while studying.

I picked up the phone and contacted the Clearing centre, where I spoke to a very helpful gentlemen who went through the process in less than seven minutes and gave me an offer. Possibly one of the most exciting feelings in my life!

As a student, I managed to meet friends on the first day when I joined sports centre. Luckily for me the process couldn’t have been easier, and I’m proud I made the right decision to join Anglia Ruskin through Clearing.


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