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13 August 2018

It's too late to change your mind on results day, all the good courses are gone, and it's not worth the hassle. Right? Wrong. Clearing is your chance to shape your future, and we're here to help. Read more…

10 August 2018

Self-confessed 'average' school student Michael Duignan grew in confidence after joining university through Clearing - and started to see a career in academia unfolding before him. Read more…

10 August 2018

Student meals have something of a bad reputation. Unfairly so, we think. Here are six recipes using six essentials that dispel the notion that all student meals are awful. Read more…

23 July 2018

Hameeda Hussaini arrived in the UK from Afghanistan aged 13. She didn't speak English and had never attended school - but was determined to pursue her ambition of studying law. Read more…

2 July 2018

I came to Anglia Ruskin through Clearing. I've now finished my first year studying Pharmaceutical Science and my future prospects are greater than they've ever been. Read more…


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