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16 April 2018

I am a paramedic student and have been volunteering for the Cub Scout Association, gaining skills in leadership, teamworking and problem solving at my local Cub 'Pack'. Read more…

20 February 2018

After achieving my first degree in Business and Finance with Anglia Ruskin, I was encouraged by the International Office (as I worked with them part-time) to continue on to my Masters degree. Read more…

19 February 2018

My name is Jessica Lewis and I spent time during my final year volunteering in a Year 1 classroom at Lawford Mead Primary School. Read more…

19 February 2018

My name is Benedict Dubois and alongside my university studies, I have been volunteering at Charms Therapy Centre since February 2017. Read more…

12 January 2018

Nursing has always been a predominant profession in my family. I have been bought up surrounded by people who have inspired me to want to become a nurse. Read more…

11 January 2018

I’ve come a long way since I trained as a mental health nurse in 1983. Nursing has led me to a career in therapy, lecturing and research. It’s an interesting ride. Read more…

18 December 2017

As Sales Development Manager at Cambridge University Press and a Philosophy alumnus, Alastair Lynn was eager to connect CUP's bookshop with the talented artists at Anglia Ruskin and create something magical for the festive season. Read more…


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