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28 June 2018

The Advocacy and Group Dynamics module really intrigued me. Not only is it an interesting module but a module which has students reflect on most areas of the health and social care/policy institutions without even knowing it! Read more…

27 June 2018

Being at university, especially doing a nursing course, means that there is very little time for a part time job and earning money. However, when I started at the university I was advised by other students to go to the Employment Bureau… Read more…

27 June 2018

During my second year, I had a placement with the health visiting team. Health visitors are professionals that work with children 0-5 years of age and their families. Read more…

27 June 2018

Prior to starting your social work degree, you must first go through the dreaded, fear-fuelled process that is the interview. Just the thought of having to be interviewed may cause chills to ripple down your spine, but fear not! I have devised a handful of tips to hopefully assist… Read more…

21 June 2018

My journey onto the Social Policy course was not a journey I had ever imagined taking. When I left school in 1992, college and university were most definitely not on my radar. Read more…

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