Funding opportunity: the Stroke Association

Category: Research

12 April 2018

The Stroke Association has launched its 2018 round of funding for its Priority Programme Awards. This programme offers up to £410,000 for projects lasting between three and five years.

The Association have determined that they will fund observational studies and/or clinical trials in this round of funding. They seek to gather evidence to “embed existing… interventions, tools and models”. In other words, they specifically request that grantees do not invent new types of interventions etc, but prove the efficacy of those that have previously been created.

The topics of relevance for this call are:

  1. Cognitive Management
    Which interventions/techniques are beneficial to patients; and to which patients?
  2. Mood Management:
    What psychological skills training might be beneficial? What is the best model for managing mood from existing evidence/interventions?
  3. Natural History:
    The natural history of cognitive and/or mood changes, including how to assess change over time. What constitutes normal, and does early assessment allow predictions to be made about which patients will respond to which rehab/support model?
  4. Confidence:
    Which specific interventions are needed to help regain and improve confidence at the acute, mid and longer term stages?
  5. Tailored Interventions for Specific Needs:
    Interventions should be developed to support patients with adjustment and mood problems.
    Support that is tailored to specific issues is encouraged, in particular, tailoring interventions for patients with aphasia and/or cognitive impairment will be considered a high priority for funding."

If you are interested in bidding to this call, please get in touch with RIDO!

Deadline for applications:  5pm 13 June 2018



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