Trying a new market

Estefania Guizar

Faculty: Lord Ashcroft International Business School
Department: Management and Leadership
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
Category: Business

26 June 2015

Hello everyone. In this post, I will tell you about my business and what I am currently working on, so it is worth reading if you are planning to start your own business!

I am really excited, as I will be selling my jewellery at Spitafields Market in London next week. I can’t wait; I will keep you posted and tell you about my experience there.

I am now preparing everything to start selling there, and have been there almost every day just to analyse the market and the competitors, I have to say that is not as easy as I thought it will be, as Spitafields is a very competitive market full of young entrepreneurs with amazing and creative ideas. An important thing to take in mind is that the way you present your product is what will attract your customers, so thinking and planning the stall decoration and display is essential.

It is all about being creative, and giving your product the right marketing strategy. So I have been creating and designing my stall, thinking about every single detail and giving my best to it, as I know that being at Spitafields is not only about selling. It’s also a great networking platform that can help you to take your business to another level, so it’s important to present your idea as best as possible.

Have a lovely week… And remember to believe in your dreams and ideas, that is the only way you can make them your reality!

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