Books Plus is an art student's best friend


Faculty: Arts, Law & Social Sciences
Department: Cambridge School of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Category: Student Ambassador

21 August 2017

When you start at ARU, you’ll get a Books Plus card* which has £400 on it to spend on the John Smith website or their shop on campus. As a student within Cambridge School of Art, this card was like a best friend.

When you first start on your art course you don’t appreciate how much all the supplies are going to cost you.  The website helped me find a good supplier of the products I needed and I could then use the money on the card to pay for them.

As a graphic design student I will need to take my work with me in a portfolio when I go for interviews, so I spent quite a bit of my money on different sized portfolios, which meant I had one for each size of work I had produced. I also invested in books on the recommended reading list, as I found a lot of these helpful and wanted to keep them to refer to in the future.

The good thing about John Smiths is that you can either grab what you need in the shop on campus or, if you order online, get it delivered straight to your house, which is great if you order something on the large or heavy side.

The range of items you can buy is huge as well, from books related to your course to cameras, sports equipment and even driving lessons! So, no matter what you’re interested in, the money can be put to good use, which is great when you’re a student. The money also rolls over each year so you can even save it all up to buy a MacBook or one of the more expensive items later on in your course, which can be a nice treat whilst at university.

*Find out if you are eligible for a Books Plus card, and see what else you can buy with it, on our Student Life pages.



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