Music for health research centre projects

These projects will be of interest to music therapists, researchers, employers and students. Some of them have never been published, or are difficult to locate elsewhere.

Care Homes and Residential Music Therapy for Dementia (CHARMD) research network: A randomised controlled trial exploring the effects of a music therapy and communication protocol on agitation for people with dementia.

Helen Odell-Miller (2007)
The Practice of Music Therapy for Adults with Mental Health Problems: The Relationship Between Diagnosis and Clinical Method - PhD thesis.

Amelia Oldfield (2000-)
Music Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum - Two Investigations

Helen Loth (2002-)
Evaluating the Selection Procedure of Music Therapy MA Students

H.Odell-Miller, M.Westacott, P. Hughes, D. Mortlock and C. Binks (2001)
An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the Arts Therapies by Measuring Symptomatic and Significant Life Change for People Between the Ages Of 16-65 with Continuing Mental Health Problems

Elaine Streeter (1999)
The Value of Personal Group Music Therapy in the Training of Music Therapists

Amelia Oldfield, Lucy Bunce and Malcolm Adams
Music Therapy with Mothers and Young Children at a Unit for Child and Family Psychiatry: An Investigation

Conference Report: First Research Projects (2. 2. 2002)
Review of one-day conference