MA and PhD projects

PhD research

Helen Loth: What does the playing of gamelan music have to offer the practice of music therapy?
Amelia Oldfield (1st supervisor), Raymond Macdonald (2nd supervisor)

Philippa Derrington: An investigation into the effectiveness and value of music therapy with young people, aged 11-14 years, at risk of under-achieving or exclusion
Amelia Oldfield (1st supervisor), Helen Odell-Miller (2nd supervisor)

Jonathan Pool: The effects of time limited music therapy on cognitive functioning and emotion for people with neurological impairment
Helen Odell-Miller (1st supervisor), Wendy Magee (2nd supervisor)

Jane Brackley: An examination of the role of music therapy in addressing aggression in pupils aged 5-9 who are at risk of mainstream school exclusion
Helen Odell-Miller (1st supervisor)

John Strange: Improvised music to develop interaction between teenagers with profound and multiple learning disabilities and learning support assistants in group music therapy
Helen Odell-Miller (1st supervisor), Eleanor Richards (2nd supervisor)

Pornpan (Jenny) Nong Kaenampornpan: The inclusion of parents in music therapy sessions with their children in a special needs school: how does this help the child and the parents?
Amelia Oldfield (1st supervisor), Helen Odell-Miller (2nd supervisor)

Linda Winn: The Theatre of War, The Drama of Living: Veterans experiencing traumatic reactions since leaving the Armed Forces
Ditty Dokter (1st supervisor), Helen Odell-Miller (2nd supervisor)

Stella Compton Dickenson: Developing and testing the Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy Manual - a controlled trial in a forensic setting
Helen Odell-Miller (1st supervisor), Paul McCrone (2nd supervisor)

MA dissertations

Bailey, S: Negotiating control and facilitating empowerment: individual music therapy with two children with autism

Molyneaux, C: Short-term music therapy within a child and adolescent mental health service: a description of a developing service

Jacobs, A: An investigation into the perception of music therapy in a service for adults with learning disabilities-the way forward

Roberts, C: An exploration of the relationship between music therapy and the forensic environment

Round, C: An exploration of the role and function of music therapy in a multidisciplinary service for adolescents