The established objectives of the Music for Health Research Centre coincide with Anglia Ruskin University's Research and Scholarship Strategy.

General Objectives

  • To build a research milieu with trainee and qualified researchers grounded in the applied use of music as a medium for health in everyday society in the department of Music and Performing Arts
  • To actively promote and engage MPhil and PhD research students
  • To include a broad base of expertise including music therapy, musicology, music science, composition, music psychology, and disciplines related to health, education and the social system

Specific objectives

  • To obtain funding for short and long term research projects
  • To publish results and disseminate information from research projects
  • To build collaborative links with local and national organisations, institutions and individuals
  • To identify areas of need in society and target music for health research specifically at those areas. Examples may include: disenchanted youth; adolescents; aging population; communication disorders; early intervention
  • To work for the future to expand and include other Arts disciplines and build on expertise and strengths in other areas of the department
  • To maintain a research student environment to support Masters and Doctoral research