Collaborations and links

The Music for Health Research Centre is a member of the International Consortium of Music Therapy Research, which is tasked with achieving several objectives over the next five years through a formal memorandum of understanding.

Objectives include collaborating on research projects, and we have held two previous seminars, one in Denmark and one in Australia. The latter was in November 2010 during which 16 participants, mainly professors of music therapy, designed 11 new research projects in the following areas: autism, special education and multiple disability, psychiatry, dementia and brain impairment, palliative care/cancer care, music/arts health and community.

Other participating universities include:

Aalborg University (Denmark)
University of Melbourne (Australia)
Temple University (USA)
Grieg Academy, University of Bergen (Norway)
University of Queensland (Australia)
Norwegian Academy of Music
The University of Jyvaskyla (Finland)
Lemmensinstituut (Belgium)
FH Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Further information about the Consortium can be found on the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music website.