Compassion Focused Therapy

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Core concepts, applications and evidence base

Speakers: Dr Clara Murray and Dr Fionna Ashworth

Monday 5 December 2016, 5pm
Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre, Young Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LZ

Long-term neurorehabilitation can yield improved functional outcomes, minimise secondary health complications and reduce concomitant health and care costs. Statutory neurorehabilitation services are often constrained by waiting list pressures. Self-management group programmes are one cost-effective approach to reducing the burden on services.

We present pilot data from a holistic group integrating physiotherapy, occupational therapy and neuropsychology interventions, based on the principles of Compassion Focused Therapy. The group aimed to help participants to (i) identify meaningful functional goals (ii) understand their current level and learn to positively influence their functioning and (iii) re-negotiate their relationship to their neurodisability, through feedback and a compassionate reflective group process.

This event is part of the Music and Performing Arts Research Lecture Series.