Conferences and research events

Events for 2018

Research Lecture Series - Whose Liberation? Iranian popular music and the fetishisation of resistance
22 January 2018

Research Lecture Series - Mere catastrophe is a bad teacher: Brecht and dramatherapy
5 February 2018

Only connect; Creative writing about music therapy
5 March 2018

Research Lecture Series - Making sense of spirituality in music therapy: Some research orientations, contradictions and ways forward
16 April 2018

Research Lecture Series - A follow up project of music therapy with young children with autism and their families; the making of a documentary
14 May 2018

Past events

Research Lecture Series - Vertigo's Musical Gaze: Neo-riemannian symmetries and spirals
4 December 2017

Research Lecture Series - Sound of Mind? Music as therapy in the nineteenth century lunatic asylum
6 November 2017

Research Lecture Series - Monkeys Minding Machine: an augmented talk
2 October 2017

Research Lecture Series - Stories we share: Storytelling across disciplines
5 June 2017

Major Modernists or Collaborative Calamity? Towards a Critical Biography of Elisabeth Lutyens and Edward Clark
8 May 2017

ALSS Research Seminar - Sparkles and Sputum: The Sick Body of Martin O’Brien
3 May 2017

Research Lecture Series - Breakthrough and Collapse in Carl Nielsen’s Sinfonia Semplice
3 April 2017

Research Lecture Series - Ambiguous Irony in the Work of Young Jean Lee and Get In The Back of the Van
6 March 2017

Research Lecture Series Developing a training system from people with Special Education Needs. Successes, failures, methods and lessons learned
9 January 2017