Memorabilia performance

Published: 15 October 2014 at 08:54

Emily Luthentun - Memorabilia

A work-in-progress performance by BA (Hons) Drama graduate Emily Luthentun

Date: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Covent Garden Drama Studio, Cambridge

Free entry.

Someone once asked me if I was a nurse. "Yeah sort of" I replied. I lied.

This is a story about a new place and new people.
This is a recollection of events that made me laugh because I didn't know how else to react.
This is an account about missing someone terribly, about mental health and about how much there is to learn from a dissertation that never really reaches completion.
This is honest memorabilia collected from the three years I stayed in Cambridge, studying Drama at ARU.
This is a performance about being a full-time student, and a human on the side.

Unfinished ideas and the nostalgia of having been a student are at the core of this new theatrical performance by recent Anglia Ruskin BA (Hons) Drama graduate Emily Fischbeck Luthentun. Emily writes: 'In Memorabilia I would like not only to express how I experienced moving to another country, but how it is normal to feel a bit lost and lonely the first time one moves away from home.

"Furthermore I have grown interested in the mental struggles many students experience (a recent study from Norway shows that 1 of 5 people in higher-educations have severe mental issues) and the stigma attached to this subject. I attempt to shed light on how common it is to either have or know someone with mental health problems, both as a long-term illness and as a short-term challenge. This extends into the area of stress many experience with their dissertation, at least how I felt about my own major project. I attempt to deal with all of this in Memorabilia through movement, speech, video and a little bit of humor.

"It is still a work in progress and I am therefore all the more thankful for the support from the Music and Performing Arts department by allowing me to show the piece in its current state in Covent Garden Drama Studio."

We are proud to welcome Emily back with her new work and support her future professional adventures.

Emily Luthentun - Memorabilia
Emily Luthentun - Memorabilia
Emily Luthentun - Memorabilia
(Photos by Christina Sund)