Drama Principal Lecturer 'Highly Commended' in national Wow! Awards

Published: 15 December 2014 at 08:54

Gianna at the gala ceremony with her Wow! award and Head of Department Paul Jackson

Dr Gianna Bouchard recognised for "open door and positive attitude"

We're pleased to announce that Dr Gianna Bouchard, Principal Lecturer in Drama, has been awarded a 'Highly Commended Award' in the national Wow! Awards.

The WOW! Awards work with organisations across the globe, providing a means for customers to officially express their satisfaction with companies, teams or individual members of staff and tell the story of how they have been helped.

Gianna's award came in the WOW! That's Really Special category. Her name was put forward by student Victoria Bell, who described Gianna as having "always provided me with an open door and a positive attitude... I never leave her office not smiling... She is a lecturer who respects her students and so in turn they respect her back... She can always be relied on to give both professional and truthful advice and I have learnt so much from her. I truly look up to her as a hero and role model."

Gianna said: "Victoria's nomination is very generous and quite humbling. In working with students, we try to encourage them to reach their full potential and often this involves giving them the confidence to see their strengths and act on them, possibly in ways that surprise and challenge them. The best reward in this job is to see students flourish and start to nourish a deep love of their subject and learning that they take forward to new environments and encounters.

"Vic has just been accepted onto an MA programme in theatre and performance at Queen Mary, University of London, where she will experience new challenges, and develop her creative and critical practice in exciting ways. I am very proud of her!"

Gianna was presented with her award at a gala ceremony in London.