Under The Skin

10 March - 9 April 2016, 00:00
Ruskin Gallery

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Under the Skin is a solo exhibition by Dr Catherine Baker, the result of a residency at CRIC Bristol, a leading, cutting-edge Clinical Research Imaging Centre in the South West.  During the residency, Baker noticed how diagnostic imagery occupied a critical place at the clinician / patient / researcher interface and became interested in the extent to which patients then used such images around which a dialogue was constructed with others.

During the residency Baker used medical imaging techniques to construct a series of images of the Platanus Orientalis Digitata, also known, uncommonly, as the Hippocrates tree as it is reputed to be the tree that provided the shade for Hippocrates early classes in medicine.  Historically, the relationship between trees, pharmacology and well-being is well established thus Baker has continued her research using trees as a central focus to articulate medical and psychological states. This includes working with scoliosis sufferers by exploring ways of ‘correcting’ misshapen or bent trees that have become this way because of disease or environment conditions.

Under the Skin attempts to explore what it means to be able to use modern technologies to look under the skin and the implications of doing so. Much of this work can be seen in this exhibition and is accompanied by public workshops and a talk with Professor Iain Gilchrist, Neuropsychologist, from the University of Bristol which will take place at the Ruskin Gallery on Thursday 17 March, 7.00pm.  For details about the talk, please click here.

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10 March - 9 April 2016, 00:00
Ruskin Gallery