Sustainability Art Prize 2018

5 - 21 April 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus

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Private View: Wednesday 11 April, 5pm

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday, 10am–4.30pm

The Sustainability Art Prize is an annual competition run by the Cambridge School of Art (CSA) and the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) at Anglia Ruskin University. It is organised and curated by Marina Velez, a CSA alumna.

The competition is open to all students at Cambridge School of Art and it offers an extra-curricular opportunity for students to expand their practices and explore themes related to sustainability. The competition has successfully run since it was created in 2012 and it has now attracted sponsorship from local enterprises.

Event Details

5 - 21 April 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus
Ruskin Gallery