Slipping Now

29 November - 20 December 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus

Bare feet dancing on a black board

Private view: 5pm, Thursday 29 November

The artist duo Coop respond to the Ruskin Gallery with a new work, what is lost. The old adage, "he who hesitates is lost..." is a call to decisiveness. However, their hesitations, anxieties, and doubts become central, as they focus on mismatches in minuscule moments between themselves.

Coop use material accumulated through exchange and negotiation, offering animated projections, drawing, and construction, in work that neither artist can claim. Drawn surfaces simultaneously construct and subvert the theatrical space of projection. The juxtapositions destabilise the viewer’s perception of surface and edge, and reflect broader patterns of awkwardness and sensitivity in human communication.

Event Details

29 November - 20 December 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus
Ruskin Gallery
Free to attend