Making Words Visible

11 - 27 October 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus

Stencilled legend "Where once was fond and carefree talk cold fear now still not only words but thought itself"

Private view: 5pm, Thursday 11 October

This exhibition marks the 30th anniversary of Letter Exchange, the organisation for professionals in the lettering arts. From the outset, its members have included many of the leading practitioners from all fields of lettering including calligraphy, letter cutting, type design and graphic design.

Regardless of medium or technique, members have a focus on the letter itself, sharing experience and expertise, and while championing and nurturing traditional lettering crafts, their skills evolve to reflect contemporary practice. This puts them in a unique and important position to influence the development of lettering. The exhibition aims to give an insight into the origins of the letterforms that facilitate our everyday communication, and to show that traditional skills create, influence and inspire contemporary art and design.

Making Words Visible features the work of Letter Exchange members past and present, representing the very best in contemporary lettering. It includes old and new, large and small works, on wall, floor and screen, reflecting the range and diversity within the organisation that influences and inspires the creativity of its members.

Event Details

11 - 27 October 2018, 00:00
Cambridge campus
Ruskin Gallery
Free to attend