Consumed: Stilled Lives

21 September - 14 October 2017, 00:00
Cambridge campus

Table with a plate - the plate has a dessert pudding in the shape of teeth and gums

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An Exhibition by Dawn Woolley

Private View: Thursday 28 September, 5pm
Opening hours: MondaySaturday, 10am–4.30pm

I am what I consume,
I am an advert for the commodities I consume.

‘Consume’ describes the act of eating as well as purchasing a commodity. The still-life table expresses this dual meaning because the objects on display are edible and indicate an individual’s social position through the ability to buy prestigious objects. Artist Dawn Woolley views the still-life table as a portrait of a particular type of consumer. This allows her to view the objects in still-life as an expression of a relation between consumer, commodity, and society. The exhibition encompasses a variety of approaches to the genre to explore the contradictions of capitalism.

An accompanying symposium, Animate Objects: Encounters between People and Things, will take place on 13 October. You can find out more information, including how to book tickets, on the symposium page.

Event Details

21 September - 14 October 2017, 00:00
Cambridge campus
Ruskin Gallery
Free to attend