Symphonia Academica – Masterworks

7 December 2018, 13:10
Cambridge campus

Two men and two woman stand side by side, holding string instruments

Joseph Haydn – ‘Sunrise’ Quartet

Claude Debussy – Quartet in G Minor

Anglia Ruskin University’s Associate Ensemble, Symphonia Academica, perform another in their Masterworks series. In this concert they will contrast the music of the father of string quartet writing with that of the originator of impressionistic music.

Haydn was known throughout Europe and his music highly revered. Haydn’s string quartets were particularly influential, sparking the quartets of the Mozart and Beethoven. Haydn’s ‘Sunrise’ quartet was written by the composer in his later years at a time when he had accepted an invite to visit England.

Debussy is held as the originator of Impressionism in music, though this was a term he disliked, feeling closer to the Symbolist writers of his day. Written in 1893, the quartet has become one of the most beloved in the repertoire with its stunning beauty and variety of textures created with just four string instruments.

This performance is part of our Lunchtime Concert Series.

Event Details

7 December 2018, 13:10
Cambridge campus
Mumford Theatre
Free to attend

No booking necessary - simply turn up, take a seat and enjoy.