Charles Draper - Theremin: Dreams Of Ether

27 October 2017, 13:10
Cambridge campus

a man stood posed with a theremin, outside in front of a lake

Dreams of the Ether uses music, narration, and projected video to tell the astonishing tale of the world's first mass-produced electronic instrument and its mysterious inventor, Leon Theremin. Interspersing the dramatic tale with pieces from classical compositions, science-fiction films and television classics, the story spans two world wars and three continents, sees musical instruments transformed into tools of political espionage, and features a cast ranging from Lenin to the Beach Boys.

Discover the fascinating story of the theremin and its eponymous inventor. Hear the music of tomorrow, today!

This performance is part of our Lunchtime Concert Series.

Event Details

27 October 2017, 13:10
Cambridge campus
Mumford Theatre
Free to attend

No booking necessary - simply turn up, take a seat and enjoy.