Mumford Friends Membership

To mark the launch of our new Box Office system, we are introducing a Friends Membership scheme which will significantly reduce the cost of tickets to experience and enjoy our wide variety of theatre.

Our aim is to lower one of the potential barriers to theatre attendance by opening up our programme of professional theatre to those who would like to come more regularly without having to break the bank.

Our programme of theatre includes well known classics as well as work that is contemporary, new and unknown, so we want to reduce/remove the perceived risk of going to see something which is unfamiliar, and thereby create an adventurous opportunity to make theatre accessible and a regular way of life, rather than an occasional treat.

If you have already booked tickets for forthcoming performances – thank you. We cannot include these purchases in a membership retrospectively, but there are still plenty of opportunities during the remainder of the year to benefit from this initiative.

How it works

A Mumford Friends Membership costs £25 and will be valid for the academic year (2017/18).

Once a membership is purchased you are immediately entitled to purchase up to two tickets at £5 each for any of the performances included in the scheme. (If you require additional tickets for a performance, these may be purchased at the regular prices).

The cost of membership will pay for itself once you have booked two tickets for two performances (three if you’re a student). Thereafter, as a friend, you enjoy the benefit of £5 tickets for the remainder of the academic year.

Your membership will be linked to the log-in you create on our online Box Office system, so membership pricing will only be evident/available when you are logged-in. Naturally, if you prefer to book tickets directly at the box office or over the phone, you will still be able to do so.

To purchase your membership, visit our booking page, and select 'Memberships' from the menu on the left.

  • Note for Anglia Ruskin staff and students – a Mumford Friends Membership may be of limited value to you, as you already qualify for £5 tickets on certain performances. See details about ARU staff here and students ticket prices here.

Is there a catch?

No. We believe that the way forward for us is to encourage theatre attendance by reducing the financial barrier.

We will email you after you’ve attended a performance and ask you to consider, on the basis of your appreciation of the performance and your experience, whether you wish to make an additional donation as a result. However, there is no obligation to do so, the ticket price is the ticket price.

Our Spring Season includes the following…

  • 7 February - We Are Brontë (Publick Transport)
  • 13 February - The Magic of Leonardo Da Vinci and The Science of Love (Academy of Magic & Science)
  • 21 February – Triple Bill (Joss Arnott Dance)
  • 24 February - Jarman in Pieces (Adorno Project)
  • 27 & 28 February – Private Lives (London Classic Theatre)
  • 3 March – This is Going to Hurt (Adam Kay)
  • 5 March - Macbeth (Icarus Theatre)
  • 7 March – The Drive (Angel Exit Theatre Company)
  • 12 & 13 March – Teechers (Blackeyed Theatre Company)
  • 24 March - ADA (Poetical Machine)
  • 11 April – Tom and Bunny Save the World (Fat Rascal Theatre)
  • 30 April – The War of the Worlds (The Pantaloons)
  • 2 May – A Brave Face (Vamos Theatre)

Terms and conditions

Our usual Terms and Conditions in relation to ticket sales apply.

The membership is valid for participating performances scheduled during this current academic year (ending 31 July 2018).

In taking up a Mumford Membership we recommend that you opt-in to receive marketing emails from us, as that way you will be able to be kept up to date with what we have happening and be informed of additional offers that may be added in subsequently. If you choose not to opt-in to receive marketing emails we will respectfully observe your preference, though will email you after a performance regarding the post-show donation option.

Participating performances will be scheduled and included as circumstances allow. As theatre touring is seasonal by nature, the availability of performances may be inconsistent.

All tickets are subject to availability. Mumford Membership does not guarantee tickets for a performance.

To purchase your membership, visit our booking page, and select 'Memberships' from the menu on the left.