Humanities and Social Sciences research

One Nation Britain by Dr Richard Carr

If you’re interested in taking an MPhil or PhD with us you can choose from Criminology, History, Philosophy, Sociology or International Relations.

Your application will be very welcome.

We also offer a Professional Doctorate in Pastoral Theology in partnership with the Cambridge Theological Federation. For more information on this, please contact Zoe Bennett.

Current research topics

For an idea of the range of supervision that we offer, take a look at some of our current research students' titles (pdf).

Staff research

As a student in our department you’ll work with and be supervised by leading researchers recognised as international experts in their fields. We have produced a large number of influential books (such as One Nation Britain by Dr Richard Carr, pictured above), journal articles and edited collections, and won funding for a number of prestigious research projects.

Some of our particular research strengths are:

Humanities (History and Philosophy)

  • Key aspects of British Labour History
  • 18th and 19th Century Court and Popular Culture
  • Modern Russian History and the Cold War
  • Aspects of Empire
  • Local History
  • The Politics of Gender in the 20th Century
  • Victorian Popular Culture
  • Modern European Philosophy, specifically Kant and post-Kantian thinkers, including phenomenology, existentialism and feminist philosophy
  • Philosophy of psychology

Social Sciences (Criminology, Sociology and International Relations)

  • Crime mapping
  • Criminal Justice Processes, Courts and Prisons
  • Offender profiling
  • Sexual Violence, Violence against Women and Violence prevention
  • Transnational Crime and Security
  • UK and International Policing
  • Youth Justice
  • Applied Ethics
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Race and Racism and Ethnic Identities
  • Research Methods
  • Social Studies of Science and Technology
International Relations
  • The use of drones and bridging ethical aspects with future policy
  • The role of the human in accelerated contexts of technological developments
  • Theoretical explorations of the shifting nature of warfare today
  • Security and strategy
  • Military ethics
  • European security and organised crime

Our research clusters: