Labour and the First World War conference

Published: 12 July 2014 at 15:15

Anglia Ruskin's Labour History Research Unit hold conference to mark centenary

On 3 May the Labour History Research at Anglia Ruskin hosted a well-attended one-day conference showcasing new research on the Labour Party and wider labour movement during the First World War. The conference saw contributions from political, social, gender, economic and intellectual historians, and allowed for a wide ranging debate regarding 1914-18.

The intention is to publish this conference in book form and publishers are welcome to contact Richard Carr to discuss further.

Included in proceedings were high political discussions on Labour's reactions to the start of war in 1914, the Labour Party's views of the Russian revolution, and the party's war aims.

At the same time, individual snapshots of trade union activity in towns and cities across the UK including Bristol, Lancashire, Northampton, and London provided a rich seam of new findings that illustrated the multi-faceted tapestry of wartime Britain.

Discussions of women's experience of the conflict - viewed through the workplace, trade union activity, and public memory - also helped illuminate an important aspect of the conflict.

A full timetable of this superb event is available to view, and prospective publishers are very much invited to contact the LHRU to explore any future publication avenues.