Binge-Watching and the Future of Television Research: A Workshop

Keynotes: Dr Lisa Glebatis Perks, Merrimack College; Dr Tanya Horeck, Anglia Ruskin University

Workshop theme

Binge-watching is a term that, by now, encompasses a number of shifts in contemporary television culture, from changing modes of viewing to shifts in the way television on streaming platforms organises itself to developments of narrative structures in 'bingeable' series. A variety of scholars are currently researching viewing behaviour, textual structures, and implications for transnational as well as national broadcasting. This workshop aims to develop broader frameworks to deal with some of the issues of contemporary television studies. The field of television studies is confronted with major changes to the way television is understood as a cultural object in terms of its technological infrastructure, branding, associated viewing patterns, national and transnational reach, cultural connotations, texts, and so on. As a field, television studies is exploring these shifts from different angles, but inevitably has to realign itself to conceptualise these new understandings.

Workshop aims

This workshop will bring together different research questions linked to binge-watching and contemporary television. As a workshop, it is deliberately designed as an event to develop ideas in collaboration rather than the traditional conference format. Because of this, only 20 spaces are available to participate in this workshop. All academics are welcome, but preferential treatment in the selection process will be given to Early Career Researchers (defined as within the first three years of the first substantial appointment) and late stage PhD students. Ideally, the ratio between ECRs and more senior academics will be 0.75 to 0.25

Workshop dates

The initial workshop will take place on ARU's Cambridge campus from 13-14 September 2018 for two days to share poster presentations on existing research and develop plans for collaborative research in various research strands, to be written up within the next year. The second part of the workshop will be a one-day symposium in September 2019 (date to be announced), at which different research strands share their work. Results will be published in the format of an edited collection.

Call for papers

Themes of the workshop can be, but are not limited to:

  • Binge-watching and narrative structures
  • Binge-watching and algorithmic culture
  • Binge-watching and issues of representation
  • Binge-watching and platforms
  • Binge-watching audiences
  • Binge-watching and Public Service Broadcasting
  • Binge-watching and genre
  • Binge-watching historical television
  • Binge-watching and transnational television
  • Binge-watching and ephemeral television

Please email your proposal for a 300-word position paper, related to a specific area of research on binge-watching that you are conducting, to Please include biographical information (particularly highlighting ECR status). Proposals will be used as a basis to organise participants in groups of specific research strands in which collaborative research will be conducted. The deadline for proposals is 31 May 2018.

The workshop is organised by Dr Mareike Jenner.