English Language and Intercultural Communication Research

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Please note that the content on this page is no longer being updated. For up to date information please visit our research landing page.

Some of our particular research strengths are:

  • Multilingualism
  • Second language speech acquisition
  • Comparative and theoretical syntax
  • Romance linguistics
  • Empirical approaches to the study of language
  • Linguistic minorities
  • Contemporary European/migrant cinema and literature
  • The construction of linguistic, ethnic and cultural identities

We are key contributors to the Research Unit for Intercultural and Transcultural Studies (RUITS).

Staff Research and supervision areas:

Dr Bettina Beinhoff, MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab): acquisition of second/foreign language phonology, linguistic and cultural identities (especially attitudes, stereotypes and identity construction in multilingual contexts and dialect contact situations) and sociolinguistic aspects of constructed languages.

Dr Melanie Bell, BA (Cantab), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab), DipTEFL: the empirical study of language: experimental, corpus-based and computational approaches to phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

Dr Anne Ife, PhD: second language learning, the policy and practice of second language use in the modern globalised world, language diversity and language policy in Europe.

Dr Sebastian Rasinger, BA, PG Cert, PhD: sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, multilingualism, linguistic and cultural identities.

Professor Guido Rings, PD, PhD: migrant cinema and literature, questions of identity in postcolonial European narrative or film, contemporary Latin American cinema and literature, intercultural communication.

Dr Michelle Sheehan, BA (Oxon), MA, PhD, PCGE:  comparative and theoretical syntax, Romance linguistics, language contact and change, philosophy of language, artificial languages.