Dean's office and support staff

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For academic roles visit our departmental staff lists:
Anglia Law School - Cambridge School of Art - English and Media - Humanities and Social Sciences - School of Performance

Dean's office

Professor Martin Hewitt, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor
Dr Apurba Kundu, Deputy Dean for Academic Development
Kumkum Kataria, PA to the Dean
Ann Hendry, PA to the Deputy Deans

Academic admin roles

Dr Shaun Le Boutillier, Director of Studies
Sarah Fitt, Deputy Director of Studies (undergraduate)
Dr Zoë Bennett, Deputy Director of Studies (postgraduate)
Professor Eugene Giddens, Director of Research
Sergio Fava, Director of Research Students
Dr Egle Dagilyte, Director of Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching advisors

Jane Martin (Anglia Law School)
John Clarke (Cambridge School of Art)
Mareike Jenner (English and Media)
Emma Brett (Humanities & Social Sciences)
Nick Ryall (School of Performance)

Administrative staff

Maxine Hall, Faculty Business Manager
Paul Bloomfield, Team Leader and Associate Partnerships
Vicky McCormick, Faculty Quality Assurance Officer
Heidi Fetula, Finance and Resources Officer
Karen Sturt, Student Experience & Events Co‐ordinator
Emily Downing, Research Co‐ordinator
Jason Slater, Research Institutes and Grants Officer
John Walsh, Learning Technologist
Ian Lea Martin, Learning Technologist Canvas
Hilary Turner, Learning Technology Co-ordinator
Deborah Hayden, Partnership and Enterprise Officer (maternity leave)
Dennis Aguma, Partnership and Enterprise Officer (maternity cover)
Jan Storgards, Creative and Digital Sector Lead
Rachel Judson, REACTOR Project Manager
James Bullen, REACTOR Project Administrator
Diana Molnar, Finance and Resources Administrator

Departmental administrators

Sara Horsfield, Anglia Law School, Cambridge
Melissa Arthur, Anglia Law School, Chelmsford
Louise Gevaux, Anglia Law School, Chelmsford
Claudia Walls, Cambridge School of Art
Hannah Stephenson, English and Media
Kate Strode, English and Media
Marlene Buick, Humanities and Social Sciences
Ann Schofield, Language Services Unit Cambridge
Kirsty Morrison, Language Services Unit Chelmsford
Giulia Ranchetti, School of Performance

Technical staff

Chris Herbert, Senior Technical Officer (IT and Media)
Daniel Jagger, Technical Manager
Nick Howard, Deputy Senior Technical Officer (Creative Design); Film & Television Production Technical Officer
Chris Payne, Computing Technical Officer
Reyshand Luximon, Computer Games Art Technical Officer
Shaun Howard, Digital Media Technical Officer
Monique Brown, Fashion Technical Officer
Sarah Graham, Fashion Technical Officer
Katy McDonald, Fine Art Technical Officer
Will Smythe, IT and Media Technical Officer
Simon Smith, Music Technical Officer
Lorraine Tomlinson, Photography Technical Officer
Andrzej Zofka, Photography and Film Technical Officer
John Williams, Printmaking Technical Officer

ALSS Marketing Team

Sarah Jones, Faculty Marketing Manager
Lianne Noy, Brand and Relationship Manager
Kimberley Page, Faculty Marketing Officer
Gareth Long, Web and Digital Content Co‐ordinator
Matt Maynard, Marketing and Events Administrator

Mumford Theatre and Ruskin Gallery

Richard Purkiss, Mumford Theatre and Ruskin Gallery Manager
Leigh Stephenson, Production Coordinator
Anthony Power, Box Office and Marketing Administrator
Glenn Criddle, Technical Officer
Saeran Rowland, Graduate Trainee