Artist Talk - Robert Good

Published: 5 October 2016 at 12:53

Extract of a page from a book, the words 'where' and 'Beautiful' visible.

Robert Good's work considers the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge.

2pm Wednesday 5 October 2016, Ruskin 203

ALL Words Work

Robert's recent projects include a collaborative work on the author Jacquetta Hawkes, the compilation of a new Dictionary of Art, and an a-n travel award to visit Italy and Bosnia Hercegovina. For this year's Art Language Location (ALL), he has asked a signwriter to paint the walls of the Ruskin Corridor with quotations from the preface to John Ruskin's Modern Painters. Robert will talk about life after art school, the forthcoming ALL exhibition and why words can never be trusted.

Robert Good is a Master of Fine Art graduate from Anglia Ruskin University. He is the founder of Art Language Location, an annual art festival taking place at ARU and across Cambridge in October 2016.