Visiting Artist - Dan Walwin

21 March 2018, 14:00
Cambridge campus

Powder-coated steel image of a lion's face partly folded over

Dan Walwin works with sculptural and video installations or environments that have consistently been engaged with ideas about infrastructure and an architecture of experience.

They have often worked to transform an exterior landscape or site into a sensorially intimate, choreographed, and contained one, using and referring to technological apparatus and systemisation.

Temporal confusions between forensic analysis and an aspect of modelling or reverse-engineering are part of its intricacies and cycles, as is a sense of material (and cultural) detritus, decay or ruin.

Image: hd live tame, 2017, HD video, 14’ 11” continuous loop, 4K flatscreen monitor, USB drive, powder coated steel, pipe clamps, LEDs.

Event Details

21 March 2018, 14:00
Cambridge campus
RUS 203