AA2A Artist Talk

Published: 26 April 2017 at 15:32

Two pieces of material cut and drawn on to resemble one half of a bra and a breast

Charlotte Morrison and Ruth Philo

2pm Wednesday 26 April 2017, Coslett 117

Charlotte Morrison and Ruth Philo were two of Cambridge School of Art's resident artists on the 2017 Artists Access to Art Colleges scheme.

Much of Charlotte’s work focuses on body and identity. She is interested in multiple narratives of the person and in how context shapes our experiences. During the AA2A residency she worked on a project which explores different aspects of “womanhood”. What does it mean to be a woman today? How do we experience and view the female body? “Womanhood” is both a multi-faceted and fluid concept. But many of the experiences are universal. She states; “Some of what I explore, we don’t want to talk about. Some of it we don’t want to see. Yet it is the unheard and unseen that holds my fascination and drives my work." 

A circular colour chart with a picture of clouds at the centre

Ruth’s practice involves painting and digital filmmaking connected with ideas of walking, place and the everyday. The paintings and films convey a sensory experience through abstraction and are also about process, layering and paring down to become palimpsests or records revealing their own histories.

Interested in immersive experiences through film Ruth has been working with sound artist Stuart Bowditch. Whilst on the AA2A placement at ARU she has been researching new projects including The River Runs Through Us which situates itself geographically on the River Stour using underwater and drone camera work layering imagery and found ambient sound. They have just been awarded ACE funding to develop & show the film accompanied by a boat trip at points on the river in 2018. Her other research includes FABRIC: The Silk Road, about taking silk to China and the return journey along the Silk Road and We are the Weather, concerning weather, colour and mental health.

Ruth has an MA in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts. She Is a member of Contemporary British Painting, regularly exhibits in the UK and has been selected for the RA Summer Exhibition and the Jerwood Drawing Prize.