Fine Art Research Unit talks

We hold a series of talks and seminars on a fortnightly basis, in a programme that also invites guest specialist speakers as well as providing a platform for the group to exchange ideas. Our ethos is one of investigation and the sharing of research in a discursive and open way.

22 March 2017

Seashells under a microscope lens

Kelcy Davenport is a visual and performance artist currently pursuing a PhD in Fine Art, at Cambridge School of Art.

8 March 2017

A naked man holding his foot and reaching out his other hand in front of a white wall

Harold Offeh is an artist working in a range of media including performance, video, photography, learning and social arts practice.

22 February 2017

Two female actors rehearsing in front of a table covered in wristbands

Emma Smith has a performance-based social practice, creating public platforms for experimentation and research through site-specific actions, events and installations.

30 November 2016

A series of black marks checquered against a white background

Using replication, reiteration, mirroring and other repetitive methods, Jane Boyer sources her own artwork as archive material for new work.

16 November 2016

San Andreas Deer Cam, a CGI-rendered deer running through a city

Dr Martin Zeilinger is co-curator of the Toronto-based Vector New Media Festival and Lecturer in Media at Anglia Ruskin.

1 November 2016

3 perspex rectangles on a black background

Annie Cattrell’s practice as a fine artist is often informed by working with specialists in neuroscience, meteorology, engineering, psychiatry and the history of science.

19 October 2016

Radio equipment on a wooden desk with two wooden chairs on a white platform

Mike Cooter's work investigates the structural agency of objects, be they sculpture, cinematic props or other anthropological artefacts - objects co-opted or created to drive narratives, fictional or otherwise.

5 October 2016

Extract of a page from a book, the words 'where' and 'Beautiful' visible.

Robert Good's work considers the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge.

4 May 2016

A woman with hands covered in modelling clay

For this talk, Florence Peake will work with performance demonstrations and participatory elements to illustrate her ideas and methodologies in her practice.

20 April 2016

A grey irregular parallelogram inside a larger black irregular parallelogram

A Fine Art Research Unit lecture by Simon Payne

29 April 2015

Desert Modernism

A talk by Benet Spencer as part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series

18 February 2015

'Sink and Source': Lumidyne with 3 components (1966) by Frank J. Malina

A talk by visiting artist Reg Gadney as part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series

4 February 2015

A talk by Robert Holyhead and Dr David Ryan as part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series