From Rooms to Clouds

Published: 7 October 2015 at 14:00

'Woman in an Armchair' by Pablo Picasso

Part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series

Wednesday 7 October, 2.00pm
Ruskin 203

This talk takes its starting point from T.J .Clark’s recent Mellon lectures at the national gallery of Fine Art, Washington. Here Clark thinks through Picasso’s post-Cubist paintings as a kind of room space: a space of touchable things, a space of proximity, which can navigate inside and outside, albeit with an emphasis on the former. This will be contrasted with French historian Hubert Damisch’s conception of perspectival space containing its own alterity – the space of cloud: amorphous, continuous, the opposite of a linear demarcated space that privileges the position of the viewer.

The basic questions will relate to what space does, what we want it to do when we articulate a work (and not just painting). It will look at multi-spatiality as a continuing possibility for the specific experience of the artwork through a condensation of diverse spaces.