Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape, Escape

Published: 15 April 2015 at 14:00

Chris Dobrowolsku

A talk by visiting artist Chris Dobrowolski as part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series

Wednesday 15 April 2015, 2.00pm
Ruskin 214

Chris Dobrowolski is a sculptor who makes, amongst other things, roughly hewn vehicles from found materials. 'Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape, Escape' is the title given to a series of vehicle pieces he made over a period of 15 years. These began with a boat made from driftwood collected on the banks of the river Humber when he was a student in Hull. 'Seascape Escape' - as it was later called - was built specifically to escape from art college. This led on to 'Landscape Escape' (pictured above), in turn giving rise to many variants.

The maiden voyage of each vehicle inevitably led to interesting experiences that addressed issues to do with creativity, paradox and his 'love-hate' relationship with the art world. Years later these stories have grown into this performance lecture. Chris has been involved with numerous art institutions, exhibitions, projects, and has been resident artist on the British Antartica Survey team, also recently publishing a book examining such practices and experiences entitled 'Escape!', 2014, Jardine Press.