Drawing - Notation - Diagram

Published: 4 February 2015 at 14:00

A talk by Robert Holyhead and Dr David Ryan as part of the Fine Art Research Unit lecture series

Wednesday 4  February, 2.00pm
Ruskin 214

In this Semester's introductory talk, David Ryan will talk about his research for the forthcoming exhibition 'Drawing Towards Sound - Visualising the Sonic' at the University of Greenwich, London.

Its basic starting point is the historical graphic score and 'new' notational practices of the modernist avant-garde's reflection on sound, how it is captured, constructed and communicated. It will position these 'classic' experimental notations - such as Cage and Boulez - with the output of contemporary composers and visual artists and filmmakers. This talk will look at issues around these processes of notation, their histories and potential relevance today.