Placements and work experience in Cambridge School of Art

Getting 'work experience' is easy, isn't it? You just pick up your brush or sit down with your design software and create something wonderful.

But the real working world is increasingly competitive, and the kind of skills and experience you need to stand out as an employee or succeed in self-employment involve diverse transferable abilities. It also helps to have a contact or two in the sector, who already see your potential.

As one of our undergraduates, you'll likely have the chance to seek a work placement on our 'Working with the Creative industries' module. But even if you don't, you'll discover opportunities to gain crucial experience, skills and exposure through industry-led activities such as live briefs.

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Learn more from our students who have taken placements or worked on live briefs.


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Insight into small business

Jana's drawing DNA


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A very xmas brief

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Industry engagement

Our past students have found placements and internships, or carried out live briefs, with many different UK and international companies, including: