My Swedish Experience: Erasmus 2014

Published: 19 January 2015 at 13:18

LLB (Hons) Law student Hannah Rowland

LLB (Hons) Law student Hannah Rowland reports on spending her final Semester at Umea University in Sweden.

Feeling extremely nervous, but this being counterbalanced by excitement, I could only imagine what the next five and a half months had in store for me as I prepared to leave the UK behind and spend my final semester of my law degree at Umea University in the north of Sweden.

When reflecting on my experience, I am extremely happy I chose to travel to Sweden. I met some fantastic people both from Sweden and all around the world - some of whom will be friends for life - who helped me settle into my new life very well.

The university was fantastic, modern, and devoted to ensuring students enjoyed their university experience. The teaching was very informal and an emphasis was placed on group work throughout my course.

In terms of the location, besides the -19 degrees temperature that greeted me upon my arrival, it certainly did not put me off, as long as I wrapped up warm. The accommodation was brilliant, spacious, warm, and provided a real insight into other cultures as the student accommodation housed all nationalities.

The social side of my stay was fantastic. From group events organised by the university, such as team building events within the first few weeks of my arrival, evenings out, and film nights, to shopping with friends in the town centre, spending time at the well-known IKSU gym, skiing trips, and taking lots of 'fika' (breaks) with good quality coffee and traditional Swedish cakes.

I can happily say I will not forget the Erasmus programme and my experience of Sweden. I would recommend this opportunity to any other students contemplating it.