About Anglia Law School Law Clinic

The Anglia Law School Law Clinic offers free, independent and confidential legal advice to people facing family law matters - giving communities vital access to justice across Cambridge and surrounding areas.

With increasing cutbacks in public funding for legal aid, we work collaboratively with local legal professionals, advice agencies and student advisors to meet some of the unmet need for legal advice.

The Law Clinic seeks to:

  • Offer professional advice to clients in line with the specific legal matters they face
  • Work in partnership with wider legal communities and various other organisations to widen access to justice in our area
  • Develop capable and confident law students with practical knowledge, skills and experience to deliver legal excellence and impact

We take referrals from local organisations, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau Cambridge, or clients can also self-refer by booking an appointment or getting in touch directly.

We are planning to open a law clinic on our Chelmsford campus during Semester 1 2018-19.