Research activity

Cover of 'At the Flea Market' by Nicholas Jeeves, depicting a pair of yellow clogs

Michelle Fava’s current research investigates the changing role of drawing in art and design higher education. She is also developing educational resources for integrating visual literacy and ‘design thinking’ in non-art and design subjects, and is Co-Director of 'Thinking through Drawing', a cross-disciplinary initiative which promotes research and professional development around visual literacy.

Nick Jeeves' most recent research is an ongoing series of autobiographical design works collected under the title Superannular (pictured below), in which he remembers, reflects upon, and visualises key moments from his personal history. His most recent published works are a new edition of Lucian’s Dialogues of the Gods (PDR Press, 2016), which he edited and designed, and a book of sketch stories entitled At the Flea Market (self-published, 2016) (pictured above).

A CD-like symmetrical circular design comprising pairs of feet, scissors, hypodermic needles, bones and a floral design.

Wendy Moody’s inter and multi-disciplinary fashion/textiles practice and academic research is based upon wearer behavior. Wendy examines and questions the relationships between the self-concept, emotions, memories and body perception/detection. This includes conceptual and creative interpretation and fashion and textile storytelling, and qualitative research to add to academic debate into wearer behaviour. Drawing upon this and previous research where buying new clothing has shown to be used as a tool for self-development, and with links to sustainability, Wendy is also interested in simulating design and wearer sensory experiences where wearers re-experience their own clothes, new existing clothes and creative designs - without the need to buy or waste.

The alphabet in Jon Melton's Soane Sans font on a photo of a pillar

Jon Melton is currently finalising the publication of 'A man of Letters' – Soane’s typographic vocabulary scheduled for publication in spring 2018 by Liverpool University Press. This follows painstaking research of the extensive drawings, notebooks, ledgers, bill books and architecture of Sir John Soane 1753-1837, with a particular focus upon his then radical use of serifless letterforms on his drawings, title blocks and inscriptions for proposed buildings. Some exciting new discoveries have been unearthed which will be disseminated to a wider audience next year. Through and his practice-based research Jon has presented at conference a new typeface (pictured right) that embodies the origins of the Sans Serif face and the architect described as a prophet of modernism. This new font, ultimately planned for release, will be made available to the design industry for commercial use.