Nazia Hameed

PhD researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Science & Technology

Location: Chelmsford

Research interests

Nazia is supervised by

Thesis title

An Intelligent Mobile-Based Diagnosis System for Prominent Skin Diseases

Thesis abstract

Early detection of skin diseases is very important as skin diseases are spreading vigorously among humans. With the advancement and increased usage of smart phones; smartphones enabled skin diseases detection systems are really demanding but currently very few real time skin diseases detection systems are available for general public and mostly available are the paid. In this research authors propose and develop an innovative low cost real time smart phone enabled intelligent health care system for the detection of skin diseases. Proposed system is developed by using the computer vision and image processing techniques. In pre-processing step image processing techniques are applied for image enhancement. Different features (morphological, color, texture and histogram) are extracted from the skin images in feature selection step and finally machine learning techniques like Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) are applied on these features for disease diagnosis in classification step. E-Skin Scanner provides an automated and cost effective solution for the patients living in remote and developing areas and using this system they can scan and analyse their skin lesions and can make regular skin examinations.