Internet of Medical Things: opportunities and challenges

8 May 2018, 12:00 - 14:00
Chelmsford campus

ARITI is delighted to welcome Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque (Raz) who is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, Media & Arts within Teesside University. Dr Raz’s presentation followed by a Q&A session will take place 12:00 - 13:00. Lunch and networking will take place 13:00 - 14:00.


The global population and the burden of chronic diseases are increasing. Meanwhile, health and medical care budgets (i.e., NHS) are decreasing. These challenges put pressure on doctors, nurses, health & medical care providers. Therefore governments are looking at new technologies in order to provide high quality, efficient healthcare services. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is one of the key technologies that has the potential to offer such services. IoMT, also knowns as Healthcare IoT, refers to a connected infrastructure of medical devices and software applications that can communicate with various healthcare IT systems and things.

In this seminar, Dr Raz will explain the basic concepts of IoMT, and what it can offer for health & medical care services. An example will be discussed to visualise the benefits of IoMT in healthcare. Dr Raz will also explore the many challenges facing the IoMT. These will include cyber security, patient privacy and Quality of Service (QoS) within mainstream healthcare services. Finally, Dr Raz will highlight some future research opportunity to address these challenges.


Dr. Mohammad A. Razzaque (Raz) is a senior Lecturer in the School of Computing. Before joining Teesside, he worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Trinity College Dublin (2014-2017) and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty Computing, University Technology Malaysia (2011-2014). He holds a PhD in distributed systems (i.e., P2P Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks) from the School of Computer Science and Informatics, UCD, Dublin (2008). He also holds M.Sc. & B.Sc. (hons) in Electronic and Communication Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He has over 9 years of research and/or teaching experience on distributed systems (i.e., Internet of Things, P2P Network, and Cloud Computing) and cyber security. His research focuses on IoT (i.e., wireless sensor networks, body area networks/IoMT, and vehicular adhoc networks) and cyber security. Since 2008, he has successfully published more than 60 research papers in these areas. He is currently working on end-to-end security in IoT, Connected Healthcare/IoMT, and Blockchain in cyber security.

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8 May 2018, 12:00 - 14:00
Chelmsford campus
Free to attend - lunch is provided

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