Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that can be used with live audiences using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Staff users create questions (polls) which are then presented to students (participants) for their response. Question types include multiple choice, free text/open ended and clickable image. Students can respond via a mobile-friendly web page, the Poll Everywhere app (for iOS and Android), by sending text messages, or using Twitter. Instructions are displayed onscreen. Polls can be delivered via the web or embedded into presentations (e.g. via the Poll Everywhere desktop app). Participant responses are updated in real time.

Practical guidance

Have a look at this section and explore information and advice on using Poll Everywhere at ARU. Dr James Trueman recently held a 3rd Wednesday webinar about Poll Everywhere. View the webinar.

Getting started

For staff

If you'd like to use Poll Everywhere, you should speak with your Faculty Learning Technologist in the first instance. Once invited to the University account, staff should follow the registration process advised by email. Staff will then access Poll Everywhere at www.polleverywhere.com using your staff email address (i.e. firstname.lastname@anglia.ac.uk) and your Poll Everywhere password.

For students

Students access requirements currently vary according to use. In most instances, students don't currently need to register to respond to polls. However, in some cases, registration will be a prerequisite (e.g. in Team-Based Learning). To respond to a poll, students need to follow the instructions provided by the teacher (i.e. use the Poll Everywhere mobile app and enter the username provided or go to www.pollev.com/username). Instructions will be provided if registration is required.

Types of polls

Poll Everywhere lists six default polls types available for use.

  1. Multiple choice polls allow students to choose an answer from the response options that you provide (e.g. true/false, A, B, or C). You can also upload images to serve as response options.
  2. Word cloud polls allow students to submit free text responses to the polls, which are then shown by size based on the frequency of that response being provided. Staff may choose to use Moderation to manage which responses are shown publicly (word clouds can be changed to other open-ended poll type questions by editing the poll).
  3. Upvote-downvote polls allow students to respond in free text and to then up/downvote other responses. The response list self-ranks in real time by the number of upvotes. This option is helpful for brainstorming and Q&A.
  4. Rank order polls allow students to rank a set of answers/options you have provided in their preferred order. These can be good for planning sessions, group work, etc.
  5. Clickable image polls allow students to click on an image to vote (i.e. click on an area of the body, computer system or a map). This type of poll works with the Poll Everywhere app used by students as well as web voting. It doesn't work with SMS texting.
  6. Open-ended polls allow students to submit free text responses which are by default shown as a text wall. By editing the poll, cluster and ticker options can be selected.

Creating polls via the Poll Everywhere website

  1. Access the PollEverywhere login page then your Poll Everywhere login/password.
  2. In the upper left area of the window, click on the create button.
  3. Select which type of question you would like to use (e.g. multiple choice, word cloud etc.) and then write your poll question, providing answers if using multiple choice or rank order questions.
  4. Click on create in the lower left area of the Poll Question window.
  5. A great place to get support on creating a poll is the Poll Everywhere Presenter Guide.
  6. To add the question to your PowerPoint presentation, open PowerPoint on your university profile, then select the Poll Everywhere tab.
  7. Click on Log In then enter your Poll Everywhere login/password.
  8. Choose Insert – then Poll and select the polling question from the list and click on Insert. Note: the slide will display as a placeholder while you are editing your PowerPoint presentation; change to Presentation mode in PowerPoint to see the question display as it will to students.
  9. It’s worth reading about Activating your Poll.

Creating polls via the PollEv app in PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint on your university profile and access the Poll Everywhere tab.
  2. Click on Log In then enter your Poll Everywhere login/password.
  3. Accessing the new poll window (there are two options):
    a. In the upper left, click New –  then Poll.
    b. In the upper left, click Insert – then Poll – then + New
  4. A window will display in which you can create a Poll.
  5. Write your poll question then choose the question type and provide answers for multiple choice questions.
  6. Click on Insert in the lower right area of the new Poll Question window.
  7. It’s worth reading about Activating your Poll.

Using Surveys in Poll Everywhere

Surveys are a great way of grouping Polls together into a questionnaire or test that student can complete during or outside of the class.
Information on how to use these can be found in the Poll Everywhere Presenter Guide and in their Blog.

Benefits of using the university Poll Everywhere account

Personal account are available for Poll Everywhere, but can only be used for groups of up to 40 participants (we can poll 15,000 students at once). Also, you don't have access to the same range of features that are available through the institutional account (e.g. moderation, sharing Polls and ad hoc usage). Find out more and have a look at the Higher-Ed Free column.

Ad hoc/campus wide usage

You can use our university account for Polling activities that are not directly related to teaching (e.g. Welcome Week, Conferences). These don't count toward our licensed usage with Poll Everywhere. We just need to know about it. If you are going to use Poll Everywhere for anything you think may fit this bill, please drop an email to polleverywhere@anglia.ac.uk with the following: 
  1. Details of the staff member who will be delivering the polls
  2. When and where this will take place (dates / general location etc.)
  3. Roughly how many participants you estimate you will be polling.

Getting help

For assistance with Poll Everywhere, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist in the first instance. If you still need help, please email polleverywhere@anglia.ac.uk.

External resources

Learn more about Poll Everywhere and access the below online guides.