Re-conceptualising feedback

Current perspectives in the field of assessment emphasise how feedback should be re-conceptualised as integral to the process of assessment for learning.

Feedback can be informal and formal, and involves students gaining knowledge and professional skills through participation in academic and learning communities (with tutors, experts and peers).


The resources below can be used by academic staff to develop feedback practices and/or to facilitate change through faculty and departmental forums by directors of learning and teaching, course and module teachers, and/or academic developers.

Students' perspectives of feedback

Professor Margaret Price and Dr Erica Morris discuss students' perceptions of feedback and how it can align with staff feedback preferences. They also conclude that feedback should be integrated in the learning and assessment process.


Thinking further about feedback

Professor Margaret Price and Dr Erica Morris look at how we approach enhancing feedback practice and focus on practice that seeks to understand feedback as a dialogic process across a course.


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