Marking matters

Marking matters is a set of resources that are designed to enhance marking practices and – ultimately – student assessment and learning.

It forms a core part of the continued focus on enhancing marking practices at ARU, including improving academic staff confidence in the marking process, and fairness and consistency in marking approaches.

The ARU process

At ARU there is an established process involving first marking, internal moderation, external moderation and Departmental Assessment Panels, and university generic marking standards. The principles of equity, clarity, objectivity and independence in assessment procedures can be met by adhering to this process.


Explore the snapshot, workshop activity and video assets and learn more about marking matters.

Enhancing marking practices

Dr Erica Morris and Professor Margaret Price look at enhancing marking practices, including the importance of equity in student assessment, consistency in the marking process, and what steps can be taken to improve consistency.

Improving consistency in marking

Dr Erica Morris and Professor Margaret Price discuss how consistency in marking can be influenced and how assessors can work together to develop a shared understanding of criteria and standards to improve practice.

Good practice examples

View the good practice examples below and learn more about how to submit your own.

We are seeking more good practice examples for Marking matters and are particularly interested in:

  • Marking schemes that have been devised for innovative forms of assessment (rather than essays or reports)
  • How ARU's generic assessment criteria and marking standards can inform the creation of specific marking schemes at the module or assessment level
  • Illustrative course or module team activities that foster the development of a shared understanding of marking guidance and schemes (e.g. materials for staff marking exercises)
  • Activities that involve students in developing and discussing marking schemes and/or assessment criteria
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